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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama On O'Reilly

Bill takes hime to task on Wright and Ayers, Obama spins and obamafuscates, I know the real word is obfuscate but it should be as Obama takes it to a new level. I am surprised Bill didn't bring up the Annenburg Challenge where Obama worked closely with Ayers to waste millions of dollars with zero results. Via Gateway Pundit.

Obama clearly does not want to discuss those issues while he and his cronies mount a relentless attack on Sarah Palin. Notice the body language, Obama is leaning forward in his seat unable to relax as he does with George Stephanopoulis or Kieth Olberman. Obama and his campaign are in a tailspin with McCain/Palin inside his OODA loop and hitting him with accurate fire.

I saw the first segment of this interview and Obama did ok on foreign policy concerning Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan bbut he flunked this, the third segment, badly. I will have to go find the second segment now, I don't get FOX news as I only have enough cable programming to get high speed internet.

Update: Here is part two and it is just as awful for Obama, Bill has him going in circles on tax policy. Obama is a socialist redistributionist, take from the rich and give it to the poor.

O'Reilly takes him apart like a prosecuting attorney does a suspect under cross examination.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It was absolutely brilliant on O'Reilly's part. It was like a master class in interviewing skills. It should be required viewing for every TV journalist. Enough already with the networks' softball questions and evasive answers!

Goat said...

Yes Bill did a masters job and has for a long time, its not called "The No Spin Zone" for nothing. It becomes even more obvious if you read the American Thinker post I linked at the end. Bill O is a professional, Obama is a novice that can deliver a good speech about nothing. I guess he is aiming for the Seinfeld vote.

Anonymous said...

PRESSing questions:

Keith Odorman - "I am not worthy, can I get you a fresh cup of coffee? Can I get you a pillow?"

Bill O'Reilly - "How are you going to raise the taxes to pay for your pie in the sky income redistribution plans?"


Trader Rick said...

Goat, if you don't get FoxNews, it's like you're living in a cave in Tibet.

Cough up the extra dough to get it, you won't regret it, especially if you are going to continue this excellent blog!

You are a cable news virgin!!! Come join us in the 21wst century! It ain't your father's MSM anymore...

Hot Intelligent Right Wing babes skewering liberal idiots on TV--It's a gas!!!

Enjoy it while you can.

Anonymous said...


It has just been confirmed that Revolutionist Ayers is the mastermind behind Obama's campaign, designed on Ayers' theories of the Maiost regime. The "educational expert" Ayers has the largest half-billion dollar social exeperiment in the history of the world, using us as guinea pigs, and has been EXPOSED. Check out ContrarianCommentary.com - Andy Martin, Chicagoan first to expose BHO following 2004 keynote speech, author of Man Behind The Mask.


Steevesna said...

Good post, Goat, I think that the more people see of Obama off script the more they will be inclined to vote "other." Obama's supporters and Obama himself ("Lipstick on a pig...")seem to be getting more and more shrill. It will get ugly in the coming months.

Goat said...

Rick, I have watched plenty of O'Reilly in the past and got my start blogging after posting in his forum for a couple years. I don't watch enough television to justify the extra cost and can get my fill online of FOX news besides paying for FOX means I also pay for MSNBC, gack. I do miss getting Discover and other shows like it though.

Steevesna, yes it is going to get nasty on the left not on our side as they slide further into the pigpen.