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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Sinking Ship Of Fools: Updated

That may well represent the Obama campaign that is in the process of self destruction and they don't even realize why. His own worst enemies are himself and his rabid supporters that scream racism at every criticism of him combined with a proclivity for sticking his feet in his mouth without a teleprompter in the way to stop him. The nasty smears aimed at Gov. Palin and her family are creating a serious backlash that I don't think he or his minions in the MSM foresaw and have outraged a major sector of the electorate. McCain/Palin have now pulled ahead in all the national polls and appear to be holding their lead but what is interesting is the trends in the internals of those polls. Jim Geraghty and Allahpundit take a look at the latest internals from the FOX poll and the results are surprising.

Do you think Barack Obama is a talker or a doer?

Overall: Talker 49 percent, Doer 34 percent. Among independents, 55 percent talker, 26 percent doer.

Do you think John McCain is talker or a doer?

Overall: Talker, 30 percent, doer, 54 percent. Among independents, 21 percent talker, 58 percent doer.

If you had to make the toughest decision of your life, who would you rather get advice from?

Obama, 34 percent; McCain, 50 percent. Among independents it's Obama 22 percent, McCain 52 percent. Interestingly, Biden matches up fairly well against Palin, 39 percent to her 43 percent.

Which ticket has more experience combined? Republicans 52, Democrats 34. Among Independents, it's Republicans 57, Democrats 25.

Which ticket has better judgment combined? Republicans 47, Democrats 43. Among independents, it's Republicans 51, Democrats 32.

Which ticket will bring the right change to Washington? The Democrats still lead, 46 to 39. But among independents, it's Democrats 36, Republicans 38.

I wrote back when Obama named Joe Biden that this campaign would become one of the Doers vs the Talkers and that was when I was hoping that Mitt Romney would get tapped. I really liked Sarah Palin then too but I never thought she would get the nod and boy am I glad she did as she has reunited and re-energized our party while bringing along of independents. Allahpundit thinks a lot of those are former Republicans that had become disgusted with the Party and are now coming home. Obama and Biden are both very long on words and very short on accomplishments while McCain and Palin both have records of getting things done for the people they represent besides sending them boat loads of taxpayer cash in the form of earmarks.
It is now McCain/Palin holding huge enthused rallies while Obama and Biden run around making stupid smears like calling Sarah Palin a pig with lipstick and otherwise acting more like preteens on a playground than serious candidates running for the highest offices in the land. There is now some very tangible energy on the GOP side with McCain glowing with pride about his stellar pick for running mate and Sarah delivering spectacularly. The race is on and for the first time we have the wind at our back and the other guy is dead in the water with a building head wind and now forced to tack.

Update: You must and I mean MUST go read this story from a McCain/Palin rally it will tell you a Lot about what kind of people they are, it touched this ole goat.


The Griper said...

he just nods in agreement. those pics were truly worth a thousand words apiece.

shoprat said...

Wonderful pictures.

Call Obama vs McCain a campaign of style vs substance.

Denise-Mary said...

Really enjoy your op-eds - today was no exception. And thank you for the link to little A's story. What a beautiful child!

heidianne jackson said...

don't you just love it when you call it right? oh, and thanks for sharing that link. amazing.