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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama's Brownshirts Strike Again

Obama's attorneys are once again threatening TV stations running anti-Obama ads, this time it is the NRA's ads. Does this guy not believe in free speech or what? Is this what we can expect should he get elected? Unfreaking real, this is after he encouraged his supporters to attack Stanley Kurtz and David Freddoso for appearing on a Chicago radio station to discuss their work looking into Obama's past. This is pure liberal fascism, the only free speech is what agrees with them and nothing else or they will shut you down. There shall be no criticism of the One or you are a racist bigot that needs to be shut up.
Here is one of the ads the NRA is running the others can be seen here and they are all very good.

Here is Megyn Kelley taking an Obama surrogate apart over it.


Paul said...

I fear Obama if elected will do to the US what the Liberal elites have already done to Europe and the UK. Restricting the rights of the individual and creating an all empowering State that has no accountability to the individual.

Trader Rick said...

That tool talking to Megyn is on a lot and he never dissapoints--he makes stuff up, lies, and generally makes an idiot of himself.

Do you really think the NRA, with all their successful experience in influencing elections thru telling the truth, is so stupid they would spend millions on ads against candidates that are not a threat to the 2nd Amendment?

Gayle said...

The problem with airing that idiots outrageous lies is that there are so many other idiots out there who are going to believe him! There sits Megyn with a document in her hand that proves Obama is against the right for us to be armed, and he still says Obama has never been against it. I don't understand why they put such people on the air. I'm thinking it's to show how utterly disengenuous they are, but I'm afraid that there are many people who just won't get it.