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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin's Interview With Charlie Gibson: Updated With Full Video

I have only seen a couple teaser clips so far since I am on the West coast but Gibson has never asked Obama the types of questions that I saw in those clips. She is smooth and polished very much unlike Obama or Biden and actually answers the questions with no spin or obfuscation. I am sure we will see a few more long format interviews with her probably on FOX but I doubt she will go on NBC after their despicable behavior over the last couple weeks.

Checking on a couple East coast blogs they say she kept hitting his fast balls out of the park and fielded his gotcha questions like an experienced pro. I won't live blog it because I have trouble typing and listening at the same time but I will update with my impressions afterwards.

Update: The first segment is over and she did hit it out of the park. This is a woman of steely resolve and not at all wishy washy. She seems to have a very solid grasp of foreign affairs and the challenges that we will face in the years ahead. Her answer about Israel possibly attacking Iran was spot on, in short Israel is our ally and we shouldn't second guess what they need to do to protect themselves. Her answer on cross border raids into Pakistan was also spot on, in pursuit of terrorists that wish to do us or our allies harm all options are on the table. I have no doubt Sarah Palin would protect this country like a mama grizzley protects her cubs.
Update: There is definately something of the firey spirit of the pioneer woman in her demeanor, a faith and belief that is unshakable. I know one thing is for sure, Obama and his minions are making a serious mistake if they underestimate her as just some small town beauty queen. In my opinion she comes off as far more intelligent than Obama who stumples over his own words and can't seem to form a coherent response to simple questions. She has the passion, conviction and clear-eyed thinking that makes a great leader, nothing fake or put on like the entirely false persona of Obama. No wonder the Democrats and their proxies in the media are pitching a fit.

On foreign policy

On praying for the troops

On energy and the environment


Ted said...

Sarah Palin Interview Grade A+ (for Sarah that is, not Charlie)

Anonymous said...

I thought that gibson was an arrogant jerk. Very condescending and patronizing. Clearly no "leaning forward toward the interviewee" as he would have had he been interviewing any random hollywood celebrity! Sarah rocks and America isn't stupid. The more that the media attempts to portray her in "bad light" the more we love her!

Trader Rick said...

Beauty Queens 1, MSM 0

Anonymous said...

High School Point Guards 1, MSM 0

Trader Rick said...

Moose Hunters 1, MSM 0

Anonymous said...

Small town mayors 1, MSM 0

Gayle said...

Anonymous thought that Gibson was an arrogant jerk. Well... that's because he is an arrogant jerk. Always has been and probably always will be. Sarah done good! :)