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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Family Barbecue

Every presidential election it seems that the question about which candidate you would rather have a beer with gets raised. I said back early in the primaries even when I was supporting Mitt Romney that John McCain would be my pick since he has a wicked dry sense of humor and has lots of stories to tell. Well Kat-Mo at Ace of Spades has a hilarious take on the family BBQ with the four candidates that is quite insightful as well. Here is how the four are described but you have to go read the whole thing.

"Uncle John" McCain: He's that slightly cranky uncle that gets invited to all the family barbecues. "Uncle John" drinks Budweiser. Out of can. He likes to tell his war stories. Over and over and over. Everybody loves him, but nobody wants to get stuck sitting next to him at the table.

Psuedo-Professor, Professional Community Organizer Obama, MA, BS: Yeah, he's just that ostentatious when your star struck sister introduces him. You have no idea if he has any other name because she's always going on about "Obama this" and "Obama that" for the last year. You hardly know the guy and he already pisses you off just hearing his name.

"Uncle Joe" Biden: He's that uncle that married into the family. You don't know why or to whom he was married, he's just been around a long time. He's kind of creepy. He has a tendency to hug all the women too long and give them that extra squeeze at the end. He's like the persistent used car salesman that has had his teeth whitened too much and wears a bad comb over.

"Cousin Sarah" Palin: You didn't even know you had a cousin Sarah until Uncle John introduces her. Okay, yeah, he did mention something one time about a second cousin, three times removed who lived in an igloo with a bunch of kids, sewed moccasins out of moose hide from a moose she tracked ten miles through a blizzard while simultaneously running the entire state of Alaska, but you never thought you were actually going to meet her.

Like I said go read the whole thing, it is well worth it or I wouldn't be blogging about it. I also have to agree that is about how I would see the scenario playing out though I could see McCain running the grill with the menfolk yakking it up and warmly welcoming Todd Palin into the circle while trying to finagle an invite to go salmon fishing or moose hunting. Anyway its some fun light hearted reading for a Sunday afternoon so enjoy.

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Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

It's like looking at my own family tree, except that Uncle Barry, AKA The Professor of BS, is the guy who nobody pays any attention to because he's so busy trying to impress himself.