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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Sarah Palin Interview, What ABC Edited Out

As I mentioned last night ABC obviously did some editing because Sarah was cut off in midword several times. I thought she did well and wondered what they had left on the editing room floor, it turns out she did even better than ABC wanted viewers to believe. Of course Gibson and ABC had an agenda as surrogates for Obama to try and tear her down and fit her into a narrative of their creation but it didn't work. Mark Levin has the original transcript and highlights what got left out. For example her remarks on Russia are deeper and less belicose than what they left in trying to paint her as a warmonger. The bold parts were left on the cutting room floor

GIBSON: And under the NATO treaty, wouldn’t we then have to go to war if Russia went into Georgia?

PALIN: Perhaps so. I mean, that is the agreement when you are a NATO ally, is if another country is attacked, you’re going to be expected to be called upon and help.

But NATO, I think, should include Ukraine, definitely, at this point and I think that we need to — especially with new leadership coming in on January 20, being sworn on, on either ticket, we have got to make sure that we strengthen our allies, our ties with each one of those NATO members.

We have got to make sure that that is the group that can be counted upon to defend one another in a very dangerous world today.

GIBSON: And you think it would be worth it to the United States, Georgia is worth it to the United States to go to war if Russia were to invade.

PALIN: What I think is that smaller democratic countries that are invaded by a larger power is something for us to be vigilant against. We have got to be cognizant of what the consequences are if a larger power is able to take over smaller democratic countries.

And we have got to be vigilant. We have got to show the support, in this case, for Georgia. The support that we can show is economic sanctions perhaps against Russia, if this is what it leads to.

It doesn’t have to lead to war and it doesn’t have to lead, as I said, to a Cold War, but economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure, again, counting on our allies to help us do that in this mission of keeping our eye on Russia and Putin and some of his desire to control and to control much more than smaller democratic countries.

His mission, if it is to control energy supplies, also, coming from and through Russia, that’s a dangerous position for our world to be in, if we were to allow that to happen.

And on the Iran Israel standoff.

GIBSON: Let me turn to Iran. Do you consider a nuclear Iran to be an existential threat to Israel?

PALIN: I believe that under the leadership of Ahmadinejad, nuclear weapons in the hands of his government are extremely dangerous to everyone on this globe, yes.

GIBSON: So what should we do about a nuclear Iran? John McCain said the only thing worse than a war with Iran would be a nuclear Iran. John Abizaid said we may have to live with a nuclear Iran. Who’s right?

PALIN: No, no. I agree with John McCain that nuclear weapons in the hands of those who would seek to destroy our allies, in this case, we’re talking about Israel, we’re talking about Ahmadinejad’s comment about Israel being the “stinking corpse, should be wiped off the face of the earth,” that’s atrocious. That’s unacceptable.

GIBSON: So what do you do about a nuclear Iran?

PALIN: We have got to make sure that these weapons of mass destruction, that nuclear weapons are not given to those hands of Ahmadinejad, not that he would use them, but that he would allow terrorists to be able to use them. So we have got to put the pressure on Iran and we have got to count on our allies to help us, diplomatic pressure.

GIBSON: But, Governor, we’ve threatened greater sanctions against Iran for a long time. It hasn’t done any good. It hasn’t stemmed their nuclear program.

PALIN: We need to pursue those and we need to implement those. We cannot back off. We cannot just concede that, oh, gee, maybe they’re going to have nuclear weapons, what can we do about it. No way, not Americans. We do not have to stand for that.

She has a much better grasp on the issues than ABC could let out so they could keep up the ignorant inexperienced rube meme. She definently is far more cogent than Barack "IIII ummm aaaaa ummm but" Obama. There is much more at Mark's site so go check it out.
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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

ABC and the rest of the OMSM, unethical and irresponsible cowards they are masquerading as professional journalists, are beyond contempt now.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

And through it all, Gibson behaved like a condescending sexist bigot. Some of us thought he was better than that. Now we know.

Anonymous said...

Difficult to understand how a journalist could be so ignorant of fairness. If necessary, McCain could use the fuller version or get ABC to broadcast it.