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Sunday, September 07, 2008

McCain/Palin Reaping The Whirlwind

Now it is John McCain and Sarah Palin drawing huge enthusiastic crowds and enjoying a major bounce in the polls. Zogby has them up 4, Rasmussen even and Gallup up 10 among likely voters and the full affect of the Palin and McCain speeches has yet to kick in. The SS Obama ran into an iceberg and is sinking fast. This is outstanding and the elite drive by Daily Kos media don't know what has hit them nor can they understand why Sarah Palin is having such a huge impact. Simply put, she is able to connect to everyday Americans in a way they can't. Sarah didn't come from elite universities or from a big city, she is not an attorney or career politician, she is one of us so she understands us and where we come from. She nor John speaks to us one way as she said in Scranton and then speaks to elitist friends in San Francisco about us in a different way, they are authentic, they are us.
To use a basketball analogy, Sarah Palin drove the lane on Obama scored and got fouled in the process, sank the free throw then team Obama drew a technical foul and she sank those as well to put team McCain ahead. Team Obama is now in complete disarray, under a full court press by a completely re-energized McCain team and the crowd is going nuts.

Update: The Real Clear Politics average now shows McCain Palin up 1, the first lead I can remember for McCain, Obama had held a pretty stable 3-4 point lead.

Side note: I loved the new cover for the latest Weekly Standard.

And this fun picture from the Norse Festival in Alaska, I thought about making it a separate post of its own titled Barbarians at the Gate considering that's how the moonbats see us.


Gayle said...

LOL Goat! I love both pictures, especially the Barbarians. They look so happy!

Tom the Redhunter said...

I saw that Weekly Standard cover too. It's great!

I too am enthused by Palin and she brings much needed energy to the campaign. There's a long way to go and we could very well lose, but we are on the upswing and Obama is clearly rattled.

Trader Rick said...

Speaking of "elite" universities--I believe Obama's studying Foreign relations at Columbia, and law at Harvard to be big negatives on his one page resume.

Now maybe if he graduated from a PUBLIC Ivy like the University of Florida, first in academics and first in athletics in all the land, it would be a different story.

Or even Alabama.

Go Gators! Roll Tide Roll!

Amen. Sarah for Veep!