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Thursday, September 04, 2008

John McCain's Big Night: Updated

Tonight is John McCain's chance to shine and I expect he will do just fine. He gets a lot of criticism for not being a dynamic speaker but I can remember him delivering some real stemwinders at the '00 and '04 conventions. He will have a tough time following up on last night's performances by Rudy and Sarah but the excitement in that hall is so palpable and so high that they aren't coming down anytime soon. It early still at the final night of the Convention but they already rocking the walls.

Update: Wow Cindy McCain's bio is incredible, she and Sarah Palin will be a real dynamic force behind John. They have much in common and I am sure will quickly become fast friends and the American people will love her. She is a doer like her husband and Sarah not a talker, a true philanthropist and humanitarian.

Update: Now this is a true unity convention, the crowd is absolutely going wild for John McCain.

Final Update: Yes John McCain can deliver a real stemwinder when needed and he did tonight, it was a great speech and the crowd is wild with real enthusiasm. Obama does not know what he is up against with this dynamic duo in The Maverick and The Barracuda. This ole Goat has a can eating grin on his face right now and the MSM has rotten eggs all over its face. It will be interesting to see how the polls respond over the next few days as Sarah drew nearly as many viewers last night as Obama did on his big night and Obama got a minimal bounce from his convention. The GOP is mounted up and ready to ride to victory.


Trader Rick said...

Sarahcuda the Aarctic Fox!!!

Gayle said...

I agree, Goat. McCain did a wonderful job! :)