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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Code Pinkos Meet with Ahmadinejad

Code Pinko founders, Jodi Evans and Medea Benjamin, and about 150 other peacenik moonbats met with the world's greatest sponsor of terrorist groups today in New York to propose a "Peace Park". Jodi Evans one of the cofounders of the Code Pinko clown group is also a major fundraiser/bundler for Barack Obama. Code Pinkos also raised a few hundred thousand they sent to insurgents/Al Qaida in the Sunni triangle during the height of the Iraq war. Those insane people are not into peace only the defeat and humiliation of the US and the installation of socialism here. They also advocate for the palestinians and the downfall of Israel. Just a few more whacked out friends of Obama. Oh yeah Obama wants to sit down for tea and falafels with him with no preconditions to discuss the best way we can surrender.

You know the joke. What do Obama and Osama have in common?

They both know people that bombed the Pentagon and hate the USA.

What those idiots don't understand is that they would be the first ones killed by radical jihadis. I bet Ahmadinejad was amused and chuckling to himself, 'what uselessly useful morons'. I wonder if the witches from Code Pink wore their cute pink crowns or donned hijabs and keffiyas for their appearance with the mad mullah's mouthpiece.

Here is El Rushbo on the topic.

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