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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain Leads, Barack Obama Cedes

Today John McCain suspended his campaign to go do his job as a Senator to help solve the fiscal crisis for the American people. Barack Obama ceded to the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the biggest idiots on the Hill, and said he would return if they needed him to. He has no idea what to do so he will let others tell him what to do, what a leader. McCain showed by that action he does put the country first yet again and not his personal ambitions, that is leadership my friends. McCain is a fiscal conservative hawk and does not take spending the people's money lightly and neither does his wingman Sarah Palin so I am glad he is joining the debate because he will fight for us. Obama will vote however his leader Harry Reid tells him to since he has no problem throwing the people's money around with total abandon if it forwards his career.

McCain's statement is here and Obama's is here, McCain speaks with clarity and principaled judgement , Obama rambles in feckless platitudes.


Ron Simpson said...

Some jackass liberal called into Sean Hannity today and said that McCain was punking out and was afraid to debate Obama. What a joke. Obama has refused extra debates and refused to join in with McCain in town hall meetings.

Trader Rick said...

This is a brilliant move on Sen. McCain's part.

Obama looks like a deer with his headlights caught in his eyes even tho McCain had invited him to the party...

That despicable sloth Reid called it a photo op--this guy should be put out to pasture with a blanket over his back.

Can Osama reject the President's invitation to keep on shaking hands in Florida???