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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The GOP Convention: Updated

It was put on hold for a day depending on Hurricane Gustav and while damage was widespread it was not near as disasterous as it could have been. Tonight while the Convention has been scaled back a bit Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman will deliver speeches tonight and President Bush will address the audience briefly by satelite. The Fred is expected to bring the "Red Meat" and with a renergized crowd thanks to Sarah Palin this should be good.

My regular readers already know this but do NOT believe any of the lies being repeated by the MSM in regards to Gov. Palin, they have been reduced to making stuff up or parroting moonbat blogs making stuff up.

Update: This just in, the Palin's son-in-law will be joing the Palins at the Convention with his mom and Levi and Bristol were planning on getting married before they found out she was pregnant. I guess Sarah didn't need her shotgun after all. Great line: "The kind of President our allies can trust and our enemies will fear"

If the MSM is that gung ho to investigate the Palin kids why aren't they investigating all of Obama's slimey connections to Bill Ayers, etal? Oh yeah he's the Democrat Chosen One and they are held sway by his glow. Sarah Palin's not vetted but terrorist lover Obama is, right? The MSM has lost whatever credibility they had, well there wasn't much to lose.

Update: They just had a tremendously moving tribute to Navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient Michael Mansoor and the crowd goes will with chants of USA rocking the house.

Update: The crowd goes wild for Laura Bush and President Bush's remarks are very well received. He is still very popular in our Party and has a much better legacy than the MSM will ever give him credit for. In fact a major reason for his unpopularity is the MSM's disdain for him and their continued false negative reports after he trounced them in twice despite their best obfuscation.

Update: Time for The Fred and he his bringing the red meat. He seems to have found that fire in the belly. He is going after the MSM hot and heavy and the crowd is going nuts. This is a very good speech selling John McCain and now he blasts Obama and the Democrat run Congress.

Update: Joe Lieberman is now up and while I disagree with him 98% of the time he is a clss act and a patriotic American.

Update: It is a good speech from Joe but nowhere near the barnburner Zell Miller delivered four years ago though he is getting the crowd going pretty well.

Update: The Rabbi from Birmingham , Al. delivers the benedictio. I am from the Birmingham area area with many Jewish friends so I have a tingle going up my leg.

Final Update: I was moved and impressed and there is a very different feel than what came from the Democrats. This conference has a country first feel and the democrats were all about Obama. Well Barack is a man, not a saviour, our country does come first and not the messianic vision of a communist with ties to anarchist terrorists. This is a campaign of doers vs talkers, or as I have said The Maverick and The Barracuda vs The Whiner and the The Bloviator.
McCain/Palin all the way!


Gayle said...

I think the barburners are going to be coming from Giuliani and Romney tonight. Oh, that's right... Huckabee will be speaking too. I don't know whether he will be doing a barnburner speech or not. Time will tell.

I'm really looking forward to Palin's speech. I expect her to take the high road and stick to the issues. She can let the barburners do the defending. :)

The Griper said...

first zell miller now lieberman, how many republicans have spoken up for the democrats at their conventions?