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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Barack Obama In But Not Of America

Barack is an American but he is not of America in that he did not set foot on continental US soil till he was a young man going to college in Las Angeles and then spent the bulk of his adult life in the elite echo chamber of academia. He does not understand America as Bob Owens points out in this post and why he has trouble connecting to average folks the way Sarah Palin or even John McCain does.

And he's right: Barack Obama's life story, half-lived and half-told in two self-aggrandizing auto-biographies, is not the story of America or of Americans, but the story of a "citizen of the world." Barack Obama cannot hold quintessential American values because he has not lived a life that celebrates or even respects American culture.

His mother Stanley Ann was the offshoot of an odd and vain man who was determined to name his child after himself, regardless of sex. She became radicalized in high school in Washington state, and met the freshman Senator's Kenyan communist father in a Russian language class in Hawaii. Three months after she became pregnant she married Obama's father, though he was still married to his first child's mother in Kenya (no doubt, we can expect Andrew Sullivan to launch an investigation into Obama's paternity any day now). Barack Obama, Junior was born six months later, abandoned by his foreign father within several years, and spent his youth in Indonesia with a new stepfather, boning up in his English via correspondence courses. Barack Junior finally left Asia many years later to move in with his grandparents and go to high school in Hawaii.

The he Bob is referring to at the beginning of the clip is Prof. David Demming who has a scathing piece in the Edmund Sun about Obama's authenticity or I should say his lack of it. Authenticity is what Sarah and John have in spades over Barack and Joe Biden and is why she so resonates in middle America.
Obama is a Harvard lawyer who is a mile wide and an inch deep. He is only the latest in a long line of shallow elites that consider it stylish and intellectual to despise their own culture and heritage.

Nothing exemplifies Obama’s antipathy for American culture better than his statement that Americans “cling to” religion and guns out of frustration or bitterness. We only can suppose that Obama regards religion or firearms as aberrations that need to be eradicated.

Of course, both guns and religion are essential aspects of American culture. The United States was founded by people seeking religious freedom. Does the word “Pilgrim” ring a bell with anyone? Our freedom and the right to self-government were won by farmers with guns.

Barack simply cannot connect because he has no idea how, he looks down his nose at us as ignorant dirty peasants that need to be ruled not lead. We need to be told how to live because we are inferior to his elite intellect and therefore incapable of caring for ourselves. We need massive government programs lead by the liberal elite to care of us is his thinking. As Bob points out at the end of his post Obama is not so much anti-America he is unamerican, just looking at the people he chose to associate with for most of his life, from Frank Davis, to Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and it becomes very obvious.

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Anonymous said...

Personally I find him kind of slow for a lawyer. Lawyers who need so much spinning do not last very long.

Normally his foreign experience should have helped him to understand others.