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Sunday, September 14, 2008

From Bragging About It To Hiding It

Obama has gone from bragging about his work as Chairman of the Chicago Annenburg Challenge as a key point on his resume to now trying to cover it up since he was given that job by William Ayers. Video via Ace

It was supposed to help reform failing Chicago public schools but was a colossal failure wasting over 100 million dollars. It worked about as well as his work with convicted fraudster and slumlord, Tony Rezko, on affordable housing in his old State Senate district that is now unlivable. It appears Obama is good at a couple things, wasting other people's money on failed feel good projects and befriending some of the slimiest fixers in the corrupt Chicago machine


Trader Rick said...

The thing I can't get past, is how the heck did an unrepentant guy with a background like Ayers, get to rise to such a position of power???

This is a powerful video...

Gayle said...

Yep! He can only lose votes because of it, so now he tries to cover it up. "The Lying King" is exactly the right name for him. Except he's only a "King" in his own mind. :)