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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Are Democrats Better On The Economy?

Emphatically NO, they are good at using the government to get in the way of a free market economy but they are not good for the economy so why do so many Americans think they are. The only thing Democrats know how to do is raise taxes and spend more and more money on stupid entitlement programs and policies that don't work. As Reagan once quipped, if its moving liberals want to tax it, if it keeps moving they want to regulate it, and once it stops moving they want to subsidize it. Their only answer to any economic problem is always to raise taxes and grow government not to get out of the way of the private sector.

Look at the states and cities that are struggling the most and you will find Democrats in charge. All the cities with the highest rates of poverty and unemployment have all been in Democrat control for at least a few decades. Democrats have no respect for those that actually create jobs and grow the economy, like entrepreneurs and small businesses or even those evil large corporations that employ thousands.

The financial mess we are in now was largely caused by Democrats starting with the Carter administration and then made worse during Clinton's by forcing lending institutions to make loans to unqualified people. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were run into the dirt by corrupt individuals from Clinton's administration, Franklin Raines, Jamie Gorelick and Jim Johnson that made millions cooking the books. President Bush called for more oversight 17 different times since '03 when Raines' corruption and dirty books were uncovered. Fannie, Freddie and others bought off Democrats to block those efforts and to look the other way as they continued their corrupt dealing. Democrats Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from those mortgage giants to look the other way and to obstruct Republican efforts at reform.

The economy did do well for most of the Clinton years until the tech bubble burst sending us into a shallow recession the Bush tax cuts pulled us out of and the economy has grown every single quarter since. When did it start slowing down? Two years ago when Democrats gained control of Congress and did nothing but conduct witch hunts on the Bush administration, name a few post offices, spend billions on pork and try to lose the war. Why in the hell would the American people want to give these idiots even more power and give the Oval Office to a novice lawyer that knows nothing about economics, Barack Obama, and a man that has been in the Senate for 35 years and has voted for every stupid socialist bill that came in front of him, Joe Biden?

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