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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Moonbat Mind

This has been going around and Dennis Prager even devoted a few segments of his radio show to discuss it. It is kinda funny though and I don't know if it is staged parody to make environuts look stupid but after the seeing the nuts we have in Ca living in trees it is probably real.

http://view.break.com/567077 - Watch more free videos
I love trees too, for burning in my stove and building things out of them. Seriously though we have more acres of forest today than we did a century ago. I love forests and the responsible management of them which includes timber harvesting.

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Trader Rick said...

I bet the squirrels really love all this screaming. I half expect Bigfoot to come running out at them and bash them, yelling in Bigfoot language "Shut the hell up already!"

I love coming across old growth trees and admiring their girth as well --usually along riverbanks on non-tillable land.

I've planted hundreds of Maples and Oaks and other specimen trees on my property We are an Oasis in the middle of corn and soybeans.

I'm a tree hugger, but I sure wouldn't want to hug any of these morons!!!