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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mike Yon Reports From Afghanistan

Mike's first dispatch from Afghanistan is up and it is great to once again get some real reporting from the war there. He covers the successful and highly important mission to deliver a massive electric turbine to a hydro-electric dam in a restive district through a hundred miles of rough country over run by the Taliban. This was a massive operation where any number of things could go wrong and doom it to failure but thankfully didn't. There were no coalition fatalities and only one non-combat injury and as many as 250 Taliban scum were sent straight to hell.

Bill Roggio also has excellent reporting from the region where we are taking the fight to the Taliban and inflicting huge damage on them. He reports that we have increased drone attacks on Taliban camps just across the border in Pakistan which means we are getting some good active intelligence to work with.

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Gayle said...

I wish that more of this progress would be shown on television, Goat.