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Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Obama Ad Gets The Facts Wrong

Earlier this week a courageous miracle of a woman, Gianna Jessen, filmed an ad for Born Alive Truth on Barack Obama's votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act while serving as a state senator. Why is she a miracle? Gianna was born alive despite an attempted abortion and she now works with Jill Stanek, the nurse that blew the whistle on the Chicago hospital that refused treatment for these babies and allowed them to die. Barack Obama has also promised to repeal all laws restricting abortion including the bans on the ghastlt partial birth form if elected and to make taxpayers pay for them. Here is the ad Gianna filmed for Born Alive Truth via Michelle Malkin who has more including stsements by Gianna and Jill.

It is fact that Obama made these votes unlike the 130 where he voted present and there is audio of him argueing against the act. Obama's campaign ran a rebuttal ad that blatantly lies thrice, once in blaming McCain for running the above ad which he clearly did not, again by denying his recorded votes and then by saying McCain wants to ban abortion even in the case of rape or incest. I don't think McCain has even mentioned this because he rarely mentions the abortion issue despite his 100% pro-life record. McCain generally takes a Federalist position on this and believes Roe to be bad law because it is, my position also. Here is the Obama ad.

Here is Obama in his own words desribing why he opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, well questions about live are as he said to Rick Warren,"above his pay grade" and thinks babies are "punishment". To me being dog catcher is above Obama's pay grade. This is via Gateway Pundit.

I don't think abortion should be illegal and should remain an option with increased counseling and waiting periods. I do find Barack's and rabid feminists' positions completely disgusting though since in this modern medical world the woman's life is almost never in danger.

I remember getting in a huge argument a few years ago with an animal rights activist vegan about factory farms, which I don't like either, then I asked her about the abortion mill. She was also a pro-abortionist and you could literally see her head exploding as I persued that line of questioning till she left the thread and never raised the argument again. Ironic that the only animal liberals support killing is of the most vulnerable human variety, the young, the old and the Terry Shiavos.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

I dare Charlie Gibson to ask Barry the tough questions about his stance on abortion. Of course that will never happen.

Trader Rick said...

Abortion is Murder and Murder is against God's Law.

As we have stated time and again, we think B. Hussein Obama would make a fine dogcatcher with the proper training, despite his Columbia and Harvard influences, and we stand behind that.

shoprat said...

He can deny it forever but the truth will come out, hopefully before election day.

suek said...

Off topic...

Here's the site on the Calif Props that has good info all in one place:


Ron Simpson said...

Liberals view abortion as a population control. They don't want too many of the lower class peons as it would overload the already strained welfare system so they approve abortion. At the same time they offer support to welfare families who have too many kids, thereby cementing the welfare voter base.

Goat said...

Rejected commenter Shotta, comparing the death penalty and abortion is no comparison, one life is innocent the other is guilty of the most horrific of crimes. The death penalty for murder is backed up by Noahide laws in the Bible just as protection of the innocent is. You are the one being inconsistent, there is no moral equivalency between the two. McCain has a 100% prolife record Obama has a 0% record so there is no match there either so you are just another deluded lefty moonbat.