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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin And Charlie Gibson Part Two: Updated With Video

I believe they are going to be talking about domestic policies tonight and her time as Mayor and Governor. I have seen some folks around the nets saying Gibson came across as a condescending bore but I did not see that and I have watched it twice now. I want her to be asked tough questions and have a chance to shine with her answers, she is plenty capable of answering them. No one can be an expert on everything that is why pols have staff and executive leaders have cabinets for various areas of expertise but Governors by definition do need to be policy wonks to an extent. From what I have seen of her in previous interviews and debates for the governorship she is pretty darn good after all she beat a sitting Gov. and a former Gov. to win. She will handle Joe Biden easily in the debate and even if Obama had picked Hillary, Sarah would still prevail.

Update: Boy is she good, no wonder folks all over the country are falling madly in love with her, this is not your average politician. She can speak to so called "kitchen table issues" that resonate because she has lived them unlike the beltway elite as a business owner and mother. She is able to speak to the people much the same way Reagan did with out a care in the world what the media thinks or does no wonder they hate her.

Update: I would love to see this interview not all chopped up like fish bait by ABC, even this bitter redneck can see through the chum ABC has thrown to the sharks in the moonbat world.

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Critical Thinker said...


I could not agree with you more. She needs to be doing this. I would have her on ever show imaginable, with certain exceptions, like the View. Palin is more than capable of handling her own and the country needs to see that. It will also help America to get to know her, despite Left Wing claims she is a gun carrying, Bible thumping, ego maniac, she really is like everyone else. Keep up the good work.