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Monday, September 08, 2008

The Drill Nothing, Do Nothing Democrats Are Back

You would think after the month long protest by the Republicans and outrage over gas prices across all sectors of America that Congress would get to work immediately on an energy bill but nooooo. Michele Bachman reports that they have some courthouses and post offices to name. The congressional ban on off shore drilling does expire at at the end of the month without a continuing resolution that Nancy Pelosi led Democrats will try to sneak into some sort of popular bill so they can then accuse the Republicans of blocking it. Developing our own energy resources is critical to not only the economy but also our national security and is supported by vast majorities of the people. The Democrats just don't get it and if they continue their obstruction on this they will be in for a surprise come this November.

No we can't drill our way to solving our energy needs that is why the Republican platform is a do it all plan because until those alternatives are found and developed we need oil and gas and we need them now. This is a winning issue for the GOP in what was supposed to be a Democrat year with Obama falling behind in the polls and a very energy knowledgable Sarah Palin on the GOP ticket things are turning around. The Democrats can run but they can't hide behind pipe dreams that don't exist. Even if we do get new cars that run on new technology tomorrow there are millions of people that can't afford to just go out and buy them that are still driving around in 20-40 year old vehicles. What are they supposed to do?


Trader Rick said...

My truck is only 12 years old, so I guess in Obama's eyes I am a rich guy...Tax me! Tax me! Make me write bad checks!!

We are not worthy, Oh Obamus!!

Gayle said...

You're absolutely right, Goat. There are indeed millions of people who can't afford to run out and buy a new car, but Obama and crew don't care about that. They obviously only pretend to care about poor people. What they really care about is getting back in power. What I really care about is keeping them away from it. Obama isn't smart enough to talk without a teleprompter. I don't want him anywhere near the White House.