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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stanley Kurttz On Fox And Friends Tying Obama To ACORN

This is complimentary to the post below, at least Fox has picked up on this, via Hot Air and Ed's remarks are worth reading as well.

For some reason Ed doesn't think we should focus as much on ACORN but more on Fannie, Freddie and their enablers in the Democrat Party that looked the other way as corruption ran amuk and nearly destroyed our financial markets.I disagree, we need to tie Obama to every slimy association he has and hammer on it at least we don't have to make stuff up. Jim Geraghty sees a conspiracy to do that very thing in the hope voters will stampede to the Democrats to save them, maybe that's why Pelosi torpedoed the bailout vote yesterday. Do the Democrats really want to create a massive recession in order to gain some more power? If they think they can pin it on the GOP they sure will try since they are as dishonest and corrupt as the day is long. I think this whole "crisis" is manufactured and greased along by the liberal media or else why would it be happening now just a few weeks before the election. I have a sneaky feeling Paulson is a closet Democrat that panicked Bernanke and Bush with trumped up concerns.

There is no credit crisis, I get at least a dozen offers a week for personal or business credit. Now if you have crappy credit ratings you might have some problems and you should, that is your fault not the lending institutions. They should not be forced to lend money to anyone if they don't have reason to believe they will be payed back, credit is not a right or entitlement, it is a privilege to be earned.

I might as well tack the new McCain ad on here since it's related.


Trader Rick said...

Slick Willy is doing everything he can to defeat B. Hussein Osama, who I think he detests, without really looking like it. He wants Hillary to be able to run again in four years...

Gayle said...

I agree, Goat. I also agree with Trader Rick. Bill Clinton is actually saying good things about Republicans! LOL! Who would have thunk it?

Yes, Acorn must be scrutinized. They are out there trying to skewer this election in all the swing states. But what to do? If we can't get this out to enough Americans then Obama will win. If he were to be disqualified (fat chance of that!) because of these associations then Hillary takes his place and we will still more than likely lose.