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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The 6,331 GOP Debate

This one is South Carolina and will include Ron Paul. I will comment on anything memorial.
Update: On FOX's live stream preshow some Paulnuts started to get rowdy and they were promptly shutup and the crowd applauded. Nice rendition of the National Anthem to start, a first in the debates, that's SC for you. Ugh a lights and bells soundbite debate.
Update: Whoe Nelly, Fred lights into Mike Huckabee like a hound on a raccoon, go Fred, and gets big cheers. Fred has to go all out tonight and Huck is the target.

Update: Ron Paul is asked about "9/11Truthers" says they are wrong but won't denounce them. Will they ask him about the old newsletters unearthed recently?
Update: Incident in Straits of Hormuz comes up McCain hits it out of the park and Ron Paul freaks out gets laughed at. Mitt, "Ron shouldn't be reading Achmadinejad so much" to big laughs.

Update: McCain sticks Ron Paul good and the good Dr. responds with a nutty rant. So far this one is Fred's, where the heck has that energy been?
Update: I would take Mitt, Fred or Rudy as our man at the table in international negotiations. Whoa, Huck takes a chance to jump on the good Dr. to big applause over support for Israel, the paulistinians of course love Ron.
Update: Fred is batting Huckabee around like a shuttlecock. Mitt has been solid but is quieter than usual.
Update: Like Bush, McCain has that certain "Fly Boy" arrogance/swagger of all fighter pilots, I believe they flew the same jet model.
Update: Mitt and Fred are getting the best crowd response on all policy issues especially on illegal immigration other than the paulnuts who would scream if he farted.
Update: Fred has gone on a focused attack on Huckabee, and its been blistering.
Roundup: Fred won, Mitt benefited as a result, by taking Huckabee down a few notches. This is the first debate the target has not been on Mitt or Rudy but on Huckabee and he crashed, frankly, I would rather vote for Dr. Paul than the Huckster.
With Fred crashing Huck's party with gusto, will Huck slide? I mean that was the biggest broadside of the race. I will get video up as soon as those magic elves over at HotAir can get it up.
Update: I knew HotAir would have it, go Bryan.

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Ron Simpson said...

I like that someone finally went after the Huckster. I am glad it was not Mitt though. It takes some of the "negative" cloud away from him.
And I am with you. I would vote for Paul before Huckabee.