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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Rudy has released his tax plan, very, very good, I like it. Matt Lewis at Townhall is my source.

Washington – Club for Growth President Pat Toomey praised Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s new comprehensive tax reform and reduction plan, unveiled today in Florida, calling it “a bold and innovative proposal that will reward hard work, encourage investment, and promote economic growth for Americans across the economic spectrum.”

The Giuliani tax cut plan would extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts immediately; eliminate the Death Tax completely; lower the capital gains and dividends tax rate to 10% and index capital gains to inflation; lower the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%; and permanently index the Alternative Minimum Tax to inflation with a plan for eventual elimination.

The Giuliani tax cut plan also contains a particularly bold pro-growth tax simplification strategy that would give taxpayers the option of opting into a simple tax plan in which their taxes could be done on one page. Instead of the current tax behemoth, the voluntary tax plan would constitute across the board cuts in marginal tax rates by proposing three simple rates of 10%, 15%, and 30%.

“Giuliani’s tax cut plan will encourage capital formation, and capital is the key driver of productivity, higher wages, and a better standard of living for all Americans,” Mr. Toomey continued. “He does that by not only lowering the capital gains and dividends rates, but also by indexing capital gains to inflation. Also, the Mayor’s plan dramatically lowers marginal tax rates at the personal and corporate level, which will encourage a significant burst of economic activity and growth.”

“The current U.S. tax code is a monstrosity of inefficiency and deterrence, with some of the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world and a tax code that totals more than 66,000 pages. Mayor Giuliani’s tax cut proposal today would dramatically move the American tax code and economy in the right direction. This is exactly the kind of plan economic conservatives should embrace.”

Matt with Neal Cavuto and some socialist moobat

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Donald Douglas said...

Getting ready for the FOX debate here in a minute, Goat. Thought I'd pass this along:

"Let's say, Romney doesn't win Michigan. That might be it for him. But what if he finishes a very strong second to McCain? That won't give Romney any real momentum into South Carolina presumably. But would it make sense for him to take a page from his rivals and skip a state, hoping that the frontrunner at that point, McCain, is taken down by Huckabee? If McCain wins South Carolina, well then, it could be over. But if Huckabee (or, less likely, Thompson) wins, the field stays scrambled and Romney can fight in Florida where Rudy is still strong and can sap some of McCain's vote and where Huckabee won't be playing on as friendly territory as in Iowa and South Carolina? Just a thought. It would be a Rudy-esque long shot strategy, much weaker than Romney's initial early-state momentum strategy that has now been trashed by Huckabee and McCain."

From National Review: