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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

College Bowl Day: Updated

Congrats to Tennessee, Missouri, Michigan and Texas Tech so far, right now I am rooting for Illinois to beat USC but they aren't doing it.

Update: Well USC killed the Illini, and now Georgia is doing the SEC proud against Hawaii after losses by Florida and Arkansas. Hey five teams in late bowl games is not bad out of twelve. To bad Tebow and the Gators couldn't beat my favorite team outside the SEC, the Wolverines of Michigan but they will be back next year with a vengence, I would put Florida at the top to start next season.
The funny part is the announcers are wondering how the Bulldog defense has stopped Hawaii and their high scoring ways, here's a clue, they play in the SEC and their big rival is Florida. With due kudos to my friends in the Big Ten and Twelve, the SEC is by far the toughest conference in the game, if you can win there you can beat anybody. I look forward to the LSU and Ohio St. showdown of the two best conferences in college ball, both teams play explosive, hardnosed football and it should be a very good game.


The Frank Family said...

Missouri's game was proof in and of itself that it got screwed out of a higher bowl and really belonged playing a higher ranked team. Something needs to be done to fix the BCS bowl system.

Goat said...

Yes we do TFF, I bet Missou would be giving USC a whole lot more than the Illini are.

The Frank Family said...

Unfortunately, Hawaii is giving them a reason to leave it the way it is. I was hoping they would come in and dominate.

Ron Simpson said...

I was expecting more out of Hawaii, too. The Mizzou team should have played USC. That would have been a good game.
I expect OU to beat WV tonight. At least I am hoping they do.
LSU will slap Ohio State around like a bully on the playground beats up on little kids.

Goat said...

The Sooners should handle WV quite easily, and LSU is really tough this year for sure.