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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Question For Denizens of the Barnyard

I am a Romney supporter and have admitted that from the beginning and I have good reason to hold our other nominees in very high regard and will happily support our final candidate for POTUS. I have friends across the spectrum of GOP voters, Fredheads, Rudyites, McCainiacs and an occassional Hucka bee, with Mitt and Fred evenly split at the top and McCain close behind. Ok, enough rambling, to my friends in John, Fred and Rudy's camp and voting 2/5 or later, will you switch to Romney if your man has failed to catch fire before then? Gov. Romney is in for the long haul and has the resources, raised nearly 5 mil. today.
Dragon Lady, Heidi Anne, Donald?
Another Question: Will Obama's supporters get all disappointed and go home and possibly riot if he doesn't get the Dem. nomination? Could this split the Democrats more than our primary battle?


Trader Rick said...

Nice Campfire. can we come over?

PS sorry about Gators beating Tide, hee hee.

Ron Simpson said...

I am already a Mitt man, so I don't count.