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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Huckabee's Biggest Mistake

Well it was a staffer that actually committed the faux pas of getting on the wrong side of El Rushbo and his EIB Golden Microphone but Rush is back on air today after taking the Holiday week off and blasting Huckabee and McCain hard as being RINOs, HotAir has the audio. As I've said before, Rush only has a few gazillion listeners and quite a few in Iowa and New Hampshire I would imagine. Bryan also points out Rush's praise for Thompson on air and positive coverage of Mitt on his website and I believe he and the Mayor are good friends. Meanwhile Huckabee whined he doesn't know how to reach the number one radio show in the country, give me a break, Huck dare not enter the EIB studio. I guarantee many if not most GOP caucus goers will be listening to Rush tomorrow well before the evening caucuses and it will have an effect. I rarely listen to Rush but will listen to him tomorrow, I just find Rush hard to listen to and prefer Dennis Prager in that time slot on my dial not that I disagree with him. Dennis brings a much wider range of topics and guests but that's another topic. I will say that Rush is the last person a GOP candidate for any office should rub the wrong way.

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BB-Idaho said...

"Rush is back on air today after taking the Holiday week off and blasting Huckabee"..of course it's only hindsight, but apparently Iowans don't listen to talk radio..:)