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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michigan Primary

Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot is hearing Mitt is up 6 pts over McCain with Huck way back in third in the first exit polls. I am leery of exit polls but I have to be happy. Go Mitt Go !
Mitt 35%, McCain 29%, Huckabee 15%, Paul 10% pretty much mirrors the more reliable polls taken most recently.
Update: 15% reporting, Mitt +6, Huck -20
Update: Great night for political junkies.
Republicans 20% reporting, 40% Romney, 30% McCain, 15% Huckabee, 6% Paul, 4% Thompson, 3% Giuliani
Democrats, 61% Clinton, 34% UNCOMMITTED
Update: with 43% reporting the above numbers are holding firm, YAY Mitt !!!
Final Update: Mitt wins handily and Hillary doesn't break the humiliation barrier as the only name on the Dem ballot. Mitt has 2 wins and 2 seconds, more votes and delegates than the others and the MSM still counts him out. Dean Barnett is right that if Mitt just goes out as himself without the advisors telling him what to say he does much better, I look for him to work the fiscal /economy angle much harder from now on, his specialty.
39% Romney
30% McCain
16% Huckabee
6% Paul
4% Thompson
3% Giuliani
58% Clinton


heidianne jackson said...

congrats to mitt in michigan. glad to see him win over mccain and huck!

Goat said...

Thanks Heidi, I bet you Fredheads are almost as happy as we are about knocking down McCain.

heidianne jackson said...

yes, this is good news for fred. i honestly believe that. and hey, anyone who knocks out mccain gets at least one atta-boy from me.

Trader Rick said...

Looks like Mitt is the man to beat for GOP nomination (Unless Rudy ever decides to compete)...Mitt may have the best chance against the dems anyway...If he does get to be president, hope he turns out to be more conservative than liberal.

Will he be the first president without a real first name? Or is Mitt his middle name?

Ron Simpson said...

37% of Dems are uncommitted? With no real competition running against her in MI and Shillary still can't get past that unlikable feeling. If others had been on the ballot, I wonder if she would have taken less votes? I think she would have caught only about 30%.
Go Mitt Go!!!

Goat said...

Rick, it is his middle name, Willard is his first name, I would go by Mitt too as it sounds better than Will Romney.
Ron the final on the dem side was 55-40, that has got to be pretty humiliating to Hillary with less than 25% black support going into SC where blacks make up about half the Dem base.