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Monday, January 07, 2008

Chins Up GOP

Randal Hoven has an excellent look at the Bush legacy as compared to Clinton's and his largely very successful time in office. He arrived in office as the country was entering a recession, was hit with 9/11 and two major hurricanes yet the economy continues to grow. On just about every aspect he has had a very positive presidency, yea I know spending went up but that is with the war, Katrina and Rita and several other natural disasters factored in.

Why are Republicans so depressed? President Bush's two-term presidency enters its last year in pretty good shape and with a lot better record than pundits would have us believe. The Democrats took Congress in 2006, but they appear to have blown their chance, with approval ratings at historical lows. The Republican presidential candidates are solid, especially compared to the Democrats. President Bush has built the foundation of what could be a Republican dynasty for another American Century. The greatest threat to that prospect has nothing to do with the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. The Republicans have nothing to fear but a discouraged Republican base.

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