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Saturday, January 12, 2008

NFL Playoffs: Updated

Green Bay and Seattle face off in the snow, now that is how football should be played not in some domed stadium. I like Green Bay in this one though that will probably jinx them, LOL.
Update: Well after an awful start the Packers got it together and are now running away with it and it is snowing buckets, ah post-season at Lambeau field. Boy the snow is really coming down.
Update: Well Brett made that look easy, 42-20 with 6 straight TDs. Up next can the Jaguars upset the Patriot juggernaut on Brady's home turf? I seriously doubt it unless the Pats lie down and that ain't going to happen after last years loss to the Colts.
Update: Jacksonville looks to make this a real ballgame, Garrard seems to be quite the QB and a real class act, 14-14.
Update: 28-20. can Brady's offense be stopped?
Update: 31-20. I don't think so.


The Frank Family said...

Um, the Patriots are playing the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Giants will play the Cowboys tomorrow.

Goat said...

OOPs, dummy me, listening to analysts while typing, thanks for the cue TFF.

The Frank Family said...

No problem!

Trader Rick said...

We are rooting for the Colts here in Bippus, Indiana!! Peyton (NEVER-BEAT-THE-GATORS-IN-FOUR-TRIES-AT TENNESSEE) Manning won't let us down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!