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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Who Will Go To The Super Bowl?

Game day, can the Chargers go into frozen Foxboro and pull off the upset of the century? I doubt it the Patriots are so darn solid.
Game time temps in Green Bay are expected to be below zero but snow free, will Brett get his chance at another ring? The Giants are tough on the road but Lambeau field is not a typical road game. Go Pack !
My Predictions: Patriots 38-17, Packers 24-21
Update: Despite being beaten up with injured stars the Chargers are hanging tough with solid defense but have been unable to punch it into the endzone, 14-9 Pats at halftime.
Update: Well as expected the Pats go 18-0 though the Chargers made it rough for them and you have to wonder how they would have done if they had been healthy. They will darn tough next year.
Now to the frozen tundra of Lambeau field and I have a fire in the stove and cold beer. This should be good game, the temperature is -1 ,-23 windchill to start, brrr. They just said this is the third coldest game in history.
Halftime update: Pack 10-6 in one heck of a football game. I don't know how those guys can go sleeveless in those arctic temperatures even at that level of activity. I mean exposed flesh will freeze pretty darn quick, I feel for the subs, coaches and cameramen.
Update: Great game, penalties have hurt the Pack bad at the wrong times and the Giants. Go Pack, all tied with a little over two minutes to play.
Update: The Pack catches a break on a missed field goal for the win, Over Time!
The Pack wins the toss, game on! Go Brett Go!!! Ouch, game over, Tynes redeems himself after two misses and the Giants continue their fairy tale post season.


MadDog said...
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Goat said...

Cute, not.

Trader Rick said...

See? now, if that wretched Peyton Couldn't-beat-the-Gators-in-four-tries Manning hadn't have disappointed us SO MUCH, we could have had a Manning vs. Manning Super Bowl. Wouldn't that have been a hoot?

Go Gators!!!!