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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Stick A Fork In Them

They are done, the Clinton's that is, it seems their world is being Baracked and badly as she has fallen way back in New Hampshire and drew boos at a NH Dem. Party gathering with all the candidates and their supporters. Are the Democrats really ready to moveon from the Clinton dynasty? Pundits everywhere seem to think so, this is a good thing for their Party and the Nation as a whole. Obama got the rock star treatment and has massive momentum behind him, Hillary on the other hand has only her last name going for her at this point and all the negatives that go with its positives.


Seth said...

With any luck, we'll finally be rid of the Clintons some ten months up the road.

The riddance will be good. :-)

Goat said...

I think Obama is going to win the primaries in a blowout and she has no chance at the VP slot if Obama wants to win the general.

shoprat said...

If she loses in the primaries or the general, either way she loses.