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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Romney's Point Of View

From his talk with Hugh Hewitt tonight, all the dynamics of the GOP race have changed dramatically since this summer.

HH: Now Governor, this is not unfolding the way any pundit called it, certainly not the way you had hoped it would unfold, but also not the way your opponents hoped it would unfold. John McCain’s down from 60% eight years ago. You’ve dealt with a lot of situations where tactics and strategy has to evolve. How are you doing that? Have you arrived on a central message for the next eight weeks?

MR: Well, there’s no question but that our message continues to be the same message, and it’s a powerful and connecting message. What’s happened that’s quite different is that we were anticipating that we had to win the first two primaries to go up against Rudy Giuliani, who was way ahead in the national polls, and who would have a commanding lead in Florida. Well, now Rudy Giuliani’s no longer in the lead in the national polls, and it looks like he’s number four or number three in Florida. So the whole world is different than we thought, and it’s much more of an open process than we’d expected with at least three and maybe more Republicans all vying for votes. And I think it’s anybody’s guess as to exactly how this is going to turn out.

It is going to be a long bumpy ride folks and I will try to refrain from predicting anything in the future except that.


Gayle said...

"Long and bumby" for sure, Goat... and interesting!

Ron Simpson said...

Taking second in Iowa and NH is no bad thing. Add to the first in Wyoming and he is really ahead of the rest when you look at the big picture. I am hoping for strong showing in Michigan and SC. I am preaching Mitt to all my coworkers. If he gets second in several states but nobody is consistantly first, that shows that his message is more consistant across the broader range of voters.

Goat said...

Plus he does very well in Nevada also, he should win Michigan, if not the fact its an open primary and the Dems aren't running there and they could try and derail him by supporting McCain or Huckster.