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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Something To Think About

Bruce Walker in American Thinker has an interesting piece on the moral dilemma facing the Democrat party over their presidential nominee and ethics. In Barack Obama they have by all accounts a good and decent that appears to be ethically clean and is ideologically a perfect lefty. On the other hand is probably the most ethically challenged political duo in American political history, the Clintons and their endless quest for power. If the Democrats nominate Hillary it will indicate they care more about power than corruption even as a Democrat controlled Congress has demonstrated that very thing.

Worse for our nation, Hillary shows a real chance of winning the Democrat nomination despite the fact that anyone with eyes knows just what she is. When scandals erupt during the nomination process, that is a quantum jump in public toleration of dishonesty and criminality. The mere fact that the wife of an impeached president is seriously contending for the presidency is a low water mark in ethical standards in the history of our nation. What makes this more troubling is that Obama gives Democrats virtually everything, ideologically, that they could hope for. He is Left of Hillary on almost every issue. His politics should delight all the Left, which is nearly all Democrat. And Obama appears highly electable. So why is Hillary even in this race?
The answer is that a scary proportion of Democrats care nothing about ideology and everything about power. Moreover, these Democrats care less about winning elections as they do about returning their party to a position of almost absolute power. There is no way this can be done traveling the high road.

Read the whole thing.

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