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Friday, January 18, 2008

Stewardess Hillary

Jim at Gateway Pundit has the video of the idioic stunt she pulled on her chartered jet 'Hill-Force One'. She should stick to crying and cackling because comedy is not her shtick.

"Now in a few minutes," she continued, "I am going to switch off the fasten your seatbelt sign, however, I've learned lately that things can get oftly bumpy when you least expect it, so you might want to keep those seatbelts fastened."

"In the event of an unexpected drop in poll numbers, this plane will be diverted to New Hampshire."

"If you look out to the right, you will see an America saddled with tax cuts for the wealthiest and a war without end. If you look out to the left, you will see an America with a strong middle class at home and a strong reputation in the world."

"Once we have reached cruising altitude we will be offering in flight entertainment, my stump speech, in its many variations."

"Once again, thank you for joining us on Hill-Force One. We know you have choices when you fly, and so we are grateful that you chose the plane with the most experienced candidate..."

As Jim asked, experienced at what? I would suggest lying and flip-flopping but that is being nice.

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