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Friday, January 11, 2008

What Happens If Barack Doesn't Win

It could be ugly if he continues to lose primaries. It will be BO or Hillary next fall and if they are not elected the MSM media will brand it as latent racism or sexism in America, get ready for it. This could get really nasty between Barack and Hillary supporters over the next few months, best the GOP stay positive and issues oriented while the identity politics in the DNC rears its nasty head. Here is a must read from American Thinker.

This euphoric sense of unity appeared to be quite widespread. After all, the media went crazy last December when Oprah Winfrey called Obama "the one" who, as president, "can bring us all together." And now liberal talking heads and typing fingers were enraptured with what they believed this man -- one part John, one part Bobbie, and let's not forget a dash of Martin -- might represent and accomplish if elected. Indeed, the momentum appeared unstoppable as the contest quickly moved into New Hampshire this week with all odds-makers predicting an Obama rout and his candidacy all but assured.
But when his unprecedented coronation didn't materialize, familiar allegations of possible racial bias did. This was only the first of many primaries and the failure of the only black candidate to emerge victorious already has elicited cries of foul. Ironically, while liberal guilt has historically been both the enabler of minority entitlement and exonerator of its many abuses, the accused bigots in this case were Democrats.

The Democrat base could be coming on a larger fracture than the GOP's conservative base id Obama is not nominated precisely because hillary to many Obama supporters see Hillary as the status quo and would just stay home including black voters if Hillary keeps making racial slurs. This is an interesting POTUS race by all accounts.


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