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Friday, January 04, 2008

Much Needed Rain

We are getting alot of much needed rain and snow out here but it was one of those storms that the rain came down side-ways. The wind blew steady from 30-60 mph for hours today and the olive grove next door has many branches down, big ones, plus side is lots of good free firewood for next year. Another neighbor lost a good portion of fence and trash is everywhere since it was garbage day. More rain is coming with many feet of snow in the Sierra for our water bank, as much as 10 feet at the upper elevations. This one is headed y'all's way my friends in the Great Plains, batten down the hatches.


Ron Simpson said...

is olive wood good to smoke with?

Goat said...

I don't know Ron, I know it burns great in the stove and is hard as hell, I have never tried it for cooking though it makes good coals. I will stick with what I know works for smoking meat.

Seth said...

When I lived in San Francisco we used to get those "sideways" rains, and I can say with all enthusiasm that I don't miss them.

As far as cooking (at least BBQing) is concerned, one of the few things I miss about living out there is the ease with which one can find pure mesquite.

Goat said...

Yea big bags of mezquite are cheap and ready out here.