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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Fox GOP Forum: Updated

Chris of course asks tough questions and follows up, the talk is on taxes and social security. Fred sounds sober and pithy as always, Mitt got the first zinger on Huckabee, "You make up facts faster than you talk and that's saying something". Mitt definately got the better of that exchange with Huck not answering a direct question. The format is similar to last nights with more of a roundtable discussion with topics put forward by Chris.

Update: At least when the GOP talks about change they talk about what changes they would like to see or make, the Democrats just say change for change sake like they are cashiers or something. They don't say that they want to change to euro-socialism which is what they want.

Update: This has been an excellent policy discussion between five very intelligent, well six counting Chris, gentlemen, there has been almost zero snarkiness. It seems they read the blog reviews of last night's debate. I believe this is an extremely strong bunch of candidates so what are malcontents in the GOP complaining about? I can see why it is tough to choose because they are all so strong and why we then focus on their percieved weaknesses to make a choice.

Update: Mitt came off the best and the Frank Luntz focus group agreed, Huckster and Fred the worst according to them, I thought Fred did well and brought alot to the discussion. Huckabee waffled early and it hurt him.

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Donald Douglas said...

We'll know for sure tomorrow night! Keep your fingers crossed.