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Saturday, January 05, 2008

GOP Debate Today: Updated

ABC promises a more open free form debate tonight with only the real contenders, Mitt, Rudy, Fred, Mike, John and yes Ron Paul for a foil and they all will be gunning for Mitt. This should be much better than all the previous debates.
The Democrats are to debate afterwards and should be just Hillary, Barack, John and Bill Richardson. Look for Hillary to go after Obama's throat, Edwards to go full bore at Hillary and Richardson to say can't we just all get along. Obaba is in the hotseat now let's see how he handles it.
Update: By far the best debate so far, outside the box question for the ladies, what about the choice of neckties? What does that tell you?
Update: I thought Mitt, Fred and Rudy carried the show, Ron Paul was blasted from all fronts and looked like our cranky old uncle goat we keep on the back forty. We have a small handfull of very highly qualified folks to choose from, no wonder the GOP is so undecided.It was a very good debate, kudos to ABC for the format and questions.
Will ABC use the GOP answers in the Dem debate?
Update: Watching the Dems, dim is more like it, Obama and Edwards are teaming against Hillary and Richardson is running for VP, Obama is winning easily.
Update: Charlie Gibson has been hammering the Dems with some tough foreign policy questions and they are all moonbats on the issue, again kudos to ABC on a couple darn good debates. Obama is smoking Hillary.
Update: Hillary "35 years of making change" was she a cashier?
Final Cut: We are going to make mincemeat out of these freaks on the ideas and how to move America forward into the new century. I have a strong stomach and I had to turn off Hillary earlier and the debate just now, well its about over anyway but wow, what dimwits. Mike Huckabee by contrast sounded extremely sane on foreign policy and he is our weak link, even Dr. Paul mentioned Islamic extremists, even though his ideas on dealing with them are as warped as cheap plywood left in the rain. Hillary did at least sound semi-sane but still nuzzled the Code Pinkos.
Get those chins up my friends in the GOP, things don't look as bad as some want us to believe, grin. I am ready to run against those fools in the DNC after watching Hillary and Howard Dean earlier today. I am just a lowly self employed contractor and blogger and I could beat those fools in a debate.

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shoprat said...

It amazes me that ABC would ask the Donks hard questions. Kudos to Charles Gibson.

Good one about Hillary making change.