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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Democrats Debate Tonight

Barack Hillary and Silky Pony go at it in Vegas. Racial issues of course come up first with Hillary tanking among blacks with only 25% support. Barack handles it well running as a Democrattic candidate not a black candidate. Will Edwards go after Hillary? Will Clinton get shrill?
Update: Hillary has not broken out the icy glare yet. She gas coined a new phrase "green-collar jobs" to save America.
Update: John Edwards the mill town fighter, did anybody not know he grew up in a mill town with a mill worker dad? He wants to fight, fight fight the people who bring jobs to America, the evil corporations.
Update: Hillary seems to think she is running against the Bush administration.
Boy does Edwards love the class warfare rhetoric. Does BO not remember passing that awful energy bill recently that had no energy in it?
Update: Geez, these three are straight up socialists, all government all the time for everything. The number one fear of financial advisers and investment types is a Democrat in the Whitehouse, I guess they don't realize the middle-class is the investor class.
Update: I can't watch anymore of this, Barack is winning handily.
Update: If you want more head over to Michelle's.


Gayle said...

Everyone on the MSM, including Fox News, is so excitable. Seems to me that so far this is only four Eastern states that don't tell us anything. Being Eastern states, there are obviously more Democrats than conservatives. I don't understand the fuss, but maybe I'm just dense!

BTW, my friend, I added a statement to my post on the proposed Gas Tax that you left in the comment section of my post. I thought that was extremely brilliant of you. Thanks! :) Wish I had thought of it myself.

Goat said...

I didn't know Wyoming was an eastern state, but I'll let you slide on that one Gayle. Iowa and Michigan are mid-west.

Trader Rick said...

Guess it depends on your viewpoint. Dixie is a week's horseback ride NORTH of Florida....

Ron Simpson said...

I am surprised you could stomach any of it. I would have tossed my cookies after about a minute of listening to their drivel.

shoprat said...

All the donks are phonies, but Edwards has the biggest disconnect between what he says and what he does of all of them.

Goat said...

Ron, I can usually get through them by watching them tear down Hillary and looking for gaffes to use as ammo later.
Shoprat, typical liberal 'do as I say not as I do' clap-trap. Edwards and Gore have to be the biggest con artists in that regard.