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Monday, January 14, 2008

Candidate Cars

I know it is a rather trivial question but what do the candidates have parked in their driveway is fun as they campaingn in Michigan and some stump on the global warming scam? John McCain has drunk Gore's koolaid on that matter and wants to tax energy production. Henry Payne takes a look in today's NRO.
Huckabee who spouts a little Gore on green, a Chevy Tahoe and Silverado, at least he buys American.
Rudy doesn't own a car says he navigates.
Mitt loves cars and Detroit, a Ford Mustang convertible, a Silverado, and a Cadillac suv.
McCain, a Lexus and Cadillac and didn't know Cadillac was part of the Big Three.
Ron Paul, a Buick, Lincoln, Ford truck and a '79 Chevelle.
Fred is associated with his Chevy truck.
Obama when he's not being ferried around in Secret Service Suburbans, a Chrysler 300 and a Ford Escape hybrid, somehow I bet that luxury sedan sees more road than the ugly Escape. Why the hell does he get SS protection on the taxpayers tab when he can afford his own damn body guards?
Hillary is chauferred in Secret Service Suburbans but they own a Chrysler Mariner hybrid which I doubt gets driven at all as Bill gets SS rides as well. I understand them getting the SS protection as a former President but they can afford private security as well.
Edwards has an Escape hybrid as well but has been seen in a Cadillac suv as well, I can't see them in anything but a luxury vehicle.
It seems McCain is the only one that has a non Big Three vehicle but Toyota does manufacture most of their vehicles here as does Nissan and Honda and employ thousands in more industry friendly states than Michigan.


Gayle said...

Well, that's definitely a different way of checking out the candidates, but Fred drives a chevy truck? Ouch! My preference runs to Dodge Rams. LOL!

I can truly see - whether Bill is an ex-president or not - why they both would need security, as does Obama.

Goat said...

Gayle I prefer Dodge trucks as well, I drive a 4x4 Dakota and love it. I have driven them all in the course of work and like Fords the least, uncomfortable passenger seating, solid trucks though. I also love older Chevy trucks, pre'73.

shoprat said...

This could be good to know.

The Frank Family said...

I offer my vote to the first candidate that shows their intelligence by buying a Jeep Wrangler.

Goat said...

TFF, I would love to have one of the new Rubican Wranglers for sure. I like the fact Mitt's choice is a convertible Mustang but I could see him cruising the trails in a Jeep, more so than the others, having fun with his kids and grandkids and just enjoying the outdoors

heidianne jackson said...

we have three vehicles - a ford diesel excursion, a mercedes slk 230 and a new mini cooper s. i love them all. i only like trucks by ford or dodge - i can't stand gm (i never feel like i'm sitting behind the steering wheel). i like mitt's mustang - it's probably my favorite car ever :)

Goat said...

It is a strange feeling to not feel centered behind the wheel of a vehicle isn't it.

heidianne jackson said...

i can't stand it - so much so that when i rent a vehicle, hertz has it as part of my profile to NEVER give me a gm vehicle...