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Monday, January 07, 2008

Crocodile Tears

Hillary got all dewy-eyed answering a question at a campaign event about the difficulties of running for president. Oh bull hocky, boo freaking hoo, a note to Hillary, you are still a calculating glacial witch. Those weren't tears, that is what happens when ice melts under heat and pressure and Obama has the heat turned way up and the pressure is now on. She has lost her aura of inevitability and her dreams of becoming the socialist queen are turning into nightmares.
HotAir has video and some more follow up.
Here is what Michelle had to say.

Sidenote: I saw that Norman Hsu got three years for his escapades and charges have been filed against Hillary with the FEC on the Peter Paul scandal that I've also covered. She will have to testify soon in that one and that is from her senate campaign no telling what more malfeasance will come out of this one besides Hsu and Chinatown.

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