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Friday, January 18, 2008

Romney On Leno

I very rarely watch Leno but Mitt will be on tonight so I will watch. Jay is fairly conservative/libertarian and runs a smooth show so I will be looking for clips at Hot Air. He slaps Huckabee and his fried squirrel around a bit in his monologue. Slick move by Mitt with a caucus and primary votes in Nevada and South Carolina tomorrow, smart timing for sure. Mitt is the man, I hope he lets his hair down a bit.
Update: Leno asks about all the biilionairs, Romney"I'm not worried about them they are doing fine, I am worried about the middle-class and small businesses". I am a small business and folks wonder why I support Mitt, well it is pretty obvious why.

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Trader Rick said...

Mitt Romney is just a tad too much of an ultra-conservative Right Wing Whacko for my blood...If he was just a little more MODERATE...