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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

This is the much hyped FOX series based on the popular movies, well duh, anyway, I am going to watch the premier, lots of shooting and things being blown up amid wild chases and hot chicks, what's not to like? I will post my opinions of course.
Update: It starts on the classic note, can they keep it up? I like it so far and I am not a big TV watcher.
Update: This is actually pretty darn good and should get a loyal following with several sub-plots to develope.
Update: Very good, I will watch this, like I said guns , bombs, chases, hot chicks and a story line to boot.


Trader Rick said...

Junior and I watched it as well. I just hope people who aren't familiar with the plot won't get confused and give up.

Like the cute little Terminator chick!!

Good special effects, too. for a TV show--like the knife hidden in the teacher's leg...

Goat said...

Like I said, hot chicks doing cool things will get a following like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Yea the cyborg chick is a hotty. I don't think anybody that has seen the movies would get confused to much on the plotlines Rick.

Ron Simpson said...

Summer Glau is the hottie Terminator. She is one of my favorites. I get all stupid and droolie when I see her. Lenny and Squigie momont. H-O-T Hawt!