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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Record Turnout In New Hampshire:Updated

Huge turnout at the polls is being reported with Obama expected to win by a large margin and a very tight race between Romney and McCain depending on how independents turn whether for McCain or Obama. Precincts have run out of ballots for both parties. NRO has probably the most comprehensive coverage so far.
Politico is tracking returns as they come in.
Townhall is as well.
Update: McCain is out to an early 9 pt. lead over Mitt and Hillary is actually leading Obama by a point with 12% reporting in but these are only the tiny hamlets and not the major population centers.
Update: Hillary has opened a 4 pt. lead over Obama and Mitt has narrowed the gap by one. This not at all how polls and pundits were seeing things but I hear New Hampshirites are a strange bunch.
Update: Edwards and Huckabee are distant thirds with Rudy and Ron battling for 4th. Only about 10% of the vote has been counted and 15% of precincts so far.
Update: With 21% of precincts, McCain+9, Hillary+4 but only a couple thousand votes make up that difference in both. Exit polls show Mitt was hurt by his negative ads.
Update: 30% reporting nothing has changed.
Update: 35% reporting McCain +7, Hillary +4, what happened to the Obama tsunami of young voters and the Clinton meltdown?
Update: 40% reporting McCain +7, Hillary +3, Edwards has 17% and Huckabee at 12%, Rudy and Ron are tied at 9%, Richardson 5%, Fred 1%.
Update: 49% reporting McCain +5, Hillary +2
Update: Did independents look at the polls and see a big Obama win and decide to go over to McCain to weaken Mitt? Personally I think primaries should be closed to only party members and if independents want to play they should register with a party, this open primary crap is just that, crap.
Update: With 60% reporting it looks pretty static at this point with Rudy gaining a slight edge over Ron Paul for 4th.
Update: Wow, this is actually pretty stunning, I knew McCain would win but not Hillary as her lead though slim seems to holding with 70% reporting. I mean all the polls and all the pundits were wrong about Obama including pundits on the ground. Townhall vixens Mary Kat and Amanda think the Obama kids went to the victory parties and forgot they had to actually go vote.
To use Mitt's Olympics metaphor, he has a gold and two silver medals, Huckabee a gold and bronze, McCain a gold, Thompson a silver and bronze and Hunter a bronze, delegate count so far has Mitt winning big. Where is Rudy? This is a fifty state race with a very savvy voting public that will make up their own minds it seems on both sides of the aisle, it may come down to the national conventions of both Parties. Mitt's base is solid and the race is still wide open. Hillary's machine really showed up today in her GOTV effort with recent polls showing her as far as 20% back, I have to tip my hat to her for that, acckkk.

The race is on!


The Frank Family said...

Looks like strike number 2 for Romney. Sorry Goat!

Goat said...

What, two seconds and a first, he has the most delegates so far, that sounds like winning to me. Mitt has a 50 state plan not a two state plan.

The Frank Family said...

Could Clinton have milked the publicity she got from her tears yesterday any more than she did at the beginning of her victory speech? Cold, calculated, and cunning. I'll stop the "c" words there before I get into trouble!

Goat said...

LOL,I have not seen it yet TFF, but this was unexpected. Was it the crocodile tears? I don't know, I think it was the Clinton Machine. I guess having the best rallies/parties does not translate to votes, as a dude at a BO rally said, Dem chicks are easy. Hmm?